We deliver innovative solutions and quality workmanship to every customer. 

Industrial Communications has built a positive reputation in the markets we serve and we pride ourselves on being known for quality workmanship and maintaining the highest level of safety standards.  We work closely with every customer deliver turnkey and build-to-suit solutions that meet even the most challenging specifications.  Our attention to detail is evident in thousands of first-class installations throughout New England for major cellular and PCS Carriers, broadcast, government agencies, commercial enterprises, and public utilities over the span of 40+ years.

Industrial Communications works with broadcasters to implement broadcast infrastructure solutions that help expand their audience and reach.  Our tower construction crews provide turnkey and build-to-suit tower construction and network infrastructure / antenna installation services to broadcasters looking to build or maintain their own site.   Our tower site leasing and management team also works with broadcasters to lease space on our company owned towers that are suitable for broadcasting.

Industrial Communications has earned a positive reputation amongst major wireless and cellular carriers through decades of successful wireless projects.  Our in-house team of tower crews and tower site leasing and management professionals work with major carriers to help buildout their wireless networks to meet consumer demand for mobile data and instant connectivity.

Many schools from, K-12 to colleges and universities, are enhancing educational programs to incorporate e-learning and online access.  We work with local schools and districts to implement wireless networks capable of supporting their curriculum and operational goals today and into the future.  Other services we provide to schools and universities include but is not limited to: two-way radio equipment and services, DAS systems (In-Building / Outdoor), two-way radio sales and service, wide-area digital two-way radio coverage.

We work with commercial companies to provide various types of wireless solutions including tower and network construction services, electrical contracting, civil construction, tower site leasing and management, two-way radio sales and service, DAS systems (In-Building / Outdoor), and wide-area digital two-way radio coverage.

The healthcare industry must adhere to strict regulatory guidelines and often require enhanced connectivity and wireless security.  Industrial Communications works with hospitals, nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers and assisted living to implement wireless network projects to enhance coverage and capacity.   Our team of wireless experts works closely with IT and Telecom to provide high quality wireless infrastructure, two-way radio equipment, DAS (In-building / Outdoor), and wide-area digital radio coverage solutions to hospitals, nursing facilities, assisted living, and medical campuses.

Industrial Communications works with police, fire, EMS, and other first-responders to provide mission-critical communications solutions including antenna installations, tower construction, P25 two-way radio and repeater equipment, custom dispatch consoles, body-worn cameras, and more.

Demand for high-speed broadband and data for mobile devices has never been greater.  Industrial Communications team of wireless experts work with service providers to design and deploy wireless solutions to stay ahead of increased demand and evolving trends in wireless.

State and local government entities require reliable and secure wireless infrastructure.  Industrial Communications works with state and local government entities throughout New England to install towers and wireless infrastructure for wireless communications.  Some of the major services we provide for government agencies includes but is not limited to tower construction, antenna and line installation, wireless infrastructure, public safety / P25 systems, DAS Systems (In-Building Outdoor), Wi-Fi, Wired / Wireless Backhaul, and two-way radio equipment.

Industrial Communications works with public and private utilities to improve operational efficiencies with fiber optics and wireless technologies.  Our tower and infrastructure crews have the training and expertise to implement new wireless technologies or integrate with existing networks to improve connectivity.

The Industrial Advantage

Our business structure allows us to deliver a variety of wireless services performed by licensed and certified experts all in-house under one roof.  The result is quality service and workmanship performed efficiently, affordably, and safely.  Learn more.

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