Licenses & Certifications

Licenses & Certifications

Industrial Communications is committed to providing uncompromised quality to customers through our skilled and certified team of employees.  We are a fully insured construction and electrical contractor with crews holding licenses and certifications in the following areas.


  • Connecticut Electric Unlimited Contractor License
  • Connecticut Electric Major Contractor License
  • Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License
  • Massachusetts Electrical Contractor License
  • Massachusetts Hoisting License 2a, 1b
  • New Hampshire Electric Journeyman License
  • New Hampshire Electric Master License
  • New Hampshire Corporation / Partnership Electric License
  • Maine Electric Master License
  • Maine Electric Contractor License
  • Rhode Island Telecom Technician License


  • Advanced PIM
  • Andrew RF Connector
  • Anritsu Site Master Line Sweep
  • Anritsu Fiber
  • COMTRAIN – Competent Tower Climber, Safety and Rescue
  • COMTRAIN – Certified Instructor – Tower Climbing Safety and Rescue
  • CommScope RF Connector
  • ETA Electronics Technician Associate
  • ETA Fiber Optics Installer
  • ETA R-56 Installer
  • First Aid, AED, CPR, Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Motorola R-56
  • OSHA10 Construction Safety and Health
  • OSHA30 Construction Safety and Health
  • OSHA10/30 Certified Instructor
  • RF Safety Awareness Training
  • Radio Frequency Systems Connector / Quality Certified
  • RSI Best Management Practices
  • RSI RF Safety (101, 201)
  • RSI RFR TTT for Telecom Industry
  • Welding

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