Why Industrial Communications

Why Industrial Communications?

When you work with Industrial Communications you get the advantage of working with our in-house experts across all three of our companies and in all areas of wireless communications.

When you work us for your tower construction project, you get access to our entire team of experts in other areas communications including tower site leasing and management, two-way radio equipment, digital radio coverage, in-building BDA systems, and more.

We own, operate, and manage our own portfolio of tower sites and wireless facilities where carriers can transmit and receive wireless signals to grow their network and meet consumer demand for data and voice coverage.  We maintain all equipment and grounds and restrict access only to authorized personnel to ensure safety and security of customer equipment, and provide back-up generators for reliability.

We build every tower site and wireless facility over capacity to ensure that we’re ready to expand to meet the ever-changing demands in the wireless communications industry, technologies, and digital radio loading requirements. We grade our towers at a ‘five nines’ for structural analysis pass.

Our company structure allows us to offer a client-friendly leasing process that is simple and affordable. No licensing or application fees, all leases are processes in house, and only one internal signature is required.  Our lease execution process takes only takes days (not weeks, not months).  The result is big savings in valuable time and money during the lease process.

All installations are performed by our own trained and certified crews of tower climbers and infrastructure technicians under the direction of a project manager.  We control the construction schedule and quality control.  The result is access to first-class facilities that are well-built and maintained.

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