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Turnkey and Build-to Suit Tower Construction Services

Industrial Communications is known for quality workmanship and maintaining the highest level of safety standards.  We provide turnkey and build-to-suit construction for towers, facilities, colocations, and complete buildouts that meet even the most challenging specifications.  Our attention to detail is evident in thousands of first-class installations throughout New England for major cellular and PCS Carriers, broadcast, government agencies, commercial enterprises, and public utilities over the span of 40+ years.

Our tower crews are fully trained and equipped with the latest tools to ensure that every antenna and line installation is performed accurately.  We use industry specific test gear for accurate and precise measurements in return loss/VSWR and distant-to-fault (DTF) measurements to detect and resolve potential problems before they arise, ensuring every line passes, every time.

If you’re looking to collocate equipment onto an existing tower site or structure, we can help.  Industrial Communications’ team of wireless experts understand the tower industry.  Industrial Communications has tower sites available for colocation in New England and in the Midwest.   View tower site locations.

When short-term coverage and/or capacity is needed in areas with poor cellular coverage, Cell on Wheels or “COWs” are ideal.  Industrial Communications rents and deploys COWs for special events, projects and unforeseen natural disasters where a mobile command center may be used, and for carriers in need of a temporary coverage solution.

We offer professional crane services for projects requiring hoisting and rigging.  Every project is handled with safety and attention to detail by a trained and certified crane operator using in-house heavy-duty equipment owned by Industrial Communications.

We can help you safeguard your investment in towers and wireless infrastructure from lightning and other unforeseen acts of nature.  We offer lightning protection services for towers, antennas, communications shelters, wireless infrastructure and other structures.  All services are performed by our in-house tower crews and licensed electricians using the latest equipment and following industry best practices for safety.

We offer expert Microwave Backhaul and Broadband deployment services for carriers and broadcasters looking to increase coverage and capacity.  Services include expert design, installation, and maintenance performed by skilled tower technicians.

We have a complete line of in-house heavy-duty equipment capable of hauling equipment to remote tower site locations where access is difficult.  Our tower crews use cranes, quads, ATVs, snow cats, ski mobiles and more to access remote sites in the mountains, on rooftops, or during unfavorable winter conditions.  We also offer civil construction services to improve site conditions and enable easier access including drainage improvements, access road repair and installation, compound landscape services, fence installation and repair, and repairs or upgrades as needed.

Industrial Communications has the equipment and expertise to install antennas and wireless infrastructure components onto rooftops.  Our tower crews and technicians treat your property with the highest respect and perform work in a manner to not disrupt your building operations or tenants.  In addition to rooftop installations, we also provide site leasing and management services.  If you are looking to turn your rooftop into a revenue stream by leasing space for wireless communications, we may be able to help.  Learn more about Tower Site Leasing and Management.

If you have a project with unique aesthetic requirements, we can help.  Stealth installations allow you to maintain a clean and professional look and feel to a property by installing tower and antennas in a discreet or concealed manner.

Our company structure allows us to offer a turnkey approach to structural upgrades to ensure tower sites are optimized to meet and accommodate changing demands in wireless.  Our team of tower construction and wireless infrastructure technicians have the expertise to complete complex wireless projects requiring the highest level of care and expertise.   When you work with Industrial Communications on your structural upgrade project, you get the advantage of working with experts in all areas of wireless communications to help keep your site optimized and up to date.

Our tower crews have built turnkey and build-to-suit towers of almost every type and size including monopoles, monopines, flagpoles, guy towers, self-supporting towers, and custom structures.  In addition to tower construction, we also offer electrical, civil construction, custom steel fabrication, wireless infrastructure, two-way radio systems, and tower site leasing and management services.  Our business structure allows us to provide a variety of services by experts in wireless all in-house under one roof.  The result is quality service and workmanship performed efficiently and affordably.

We offer tower maintenance and inspection services to ensure that your tower is structurally sound and that feed lines, antennas, and equipment are all operating as intended.  Regular tower inspections and maintenance safeguards your investment by maximizing the security and lifespan of every site.  Contact us for more information.

We offer tower mapping and sweep testing services to ensure that tower and wireless structures can support new tenants and/or equipment so you can maximize your return on investment.

Industrial Communications offers tower lighting and tower painting services to ensure compliance with FCC and FAA Tower Marking and Lighting Requirements.   If you have a tower that does not comply, or if you do not know what is required, we can help.

Industrial Communications offers repair and modification services for existing towers and structures and has the in-house capabilities for the simplest to most complex tower modification project.

When your tower has reached its end-of-life, you can rely on Industrial Communications’ experienced tower crews to decommission it with the same level of quality and care as we do when we’re building a new structure.  Contact us for more information.

We handle each tower replacement project with the highest level of proficiency and attention to detail.  Our project managers carefully plan, coordinate, and execute each tower replacement project to ensure that there is no disruption in service.  Contact us for more information.

The Industrial Advantage

Our business structure allows us to deliver a variety of wireless services performed by licensed and certified experts all in-house under one roof.  The result is quality service and workmanship performed efficiently, affordably, and safely.  Learn more.

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